IB COMPUTER SCIENCE 2: Program Construction in Java


All your programming must be in the Java language and will take a large part of your time. This section is essential in the development of your program dossier (the coursework).
These tables relate each lesson to the relevant mastery aspects described on the Program Dossier page.
SL programming skills are taught from here, remember you need 10 of the 15 mastery skills to gain full marks in your Program Dossier.
HL skills are integrated into the HL theory topics. HL students need 10 of the 19 HL mastery skills (one of which is gained if you use 5 SL skills).
Left hand check box; Y12 - Right hand check box: Y13

Standard Level:

Lesson SL Mastery aspect HL Mastery aspect
2.0: Some programming fundamentals    
2.1: Java basics    
2.2: Strings    
3.3: Inputs and outputs    
2.4: Selection (if, else and switch) 4. Simple selection
5. Complex selection
2.5: Repetition = iteration = looping (for and while) 6. Loops
7. Nested Loops
2.6: Classes and methods 8. User-defined methods
9. User-defined methods with parameters
10. User-defined methods with appropriate return values
14. Use of additional libraries
2.7: Arrays 1. Arrays 19. Arrays of two or more dimensions
2.8: Searching 12. Searching
15. Use of sentinels or flags
2.9: Sorting 11. Sorting
15. Use of sentinels or flags
2.10: Errors and exceptions    
2.11: Files 13. File I/O  
2.12: Objects 2. User-defined objects
3. Objects as data records
GUI's (not on syllabus)    
  The standard IB algorithms    

Higher Level:

Lesson HL Mastery aspect
Further objects 1 - see section 5.4.1 on Encapsulation. (HL only) 8. Encapsulation
Further objects 2 - see section 5.4.2 on Inheritance. (HL only) 7. Inheritance
Further objects 3 - see section 5.4.3 on Polymorphism. (HL only) 6. Polymorphism
Recursion (HL only) - see section 5.5 4. Recursion
Quicksort (HL only) - see section 5.2.1 4. Recursion
Static stacks (HL only) - see sections 5.2.3 Implementing Stacks Statically . 12-15 ADT's
Static queues (HL only) - see sections 5.2.4 Implementing Queues Statically . 12-15 ADT's
Hash tables (HL only) - see section 5.2.2  
Linked lists (HL only) - see section 5.3.3 5. Merging sorted data structures
10. Hierarchical composite data structures
12-15 ADT's
Stacks (HL only) - see sections 5.2.3 (static) and 5.3.5 (dynamic). 12-15 ADT's
Queues (HL only) - see sections 5.2.4 (static) and 5.3.6 (dynamic). 12-15 ADT's
Binary trees (HL only) - see section 5.3.8 12-15 ADT's
Further files - see section 7.6 on Implementing the RandomAccessFile class (HL only) 1. Adding data using RandomAccessFile
2. Deleting data using RandomAccessFile
3. Searching for specified data in a file
9. Parsing a text file
16. Use of additional libraries
17. Inserting data into an ordered sequential file without reading the entire file into RAM
18. Deleting data from a sequential file without reading the entire file into RAM.
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